Helping People and Businesses Succeed

We’ve put together the best things in payments and payouts to fit your needs, size, and preference.

Helping People and Businesses Succeed

We’ve put together the best things in payments and payouts to fit your needs, size, and preference.

Who We Are

RockHeart PSP is an all-in-one monetization medium that will help maximize your profit and manage your funds conveniently.

Our oath lies in the foundation of our quality payments expertise that created our brand and ended up building trust with merchants as no merchant would prosper without a trustworthy and secure payment system.

We earn trust from our partner merchants through our established standard processes to make complex actions into simple ones. This not only makes the journey for merchants to be convenient but also for customers.

Merchant Friendly

We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. We promote as corporate value a high level of transparency in information addressed to institutions, the financial market and stakeholders.

Customer Friendly

RockHeart PSP is here to serve a straightforward payment system with the most accessible functions and no complicated processes. With the merchants we have partnered with, you’ll never run out of options for where you can use our payment service.

With the use of our intelligent and layered security, rest assured that you can send and receive money with ease. RockHeart PSP prioritizes customer satisfaction and service quality. You can transfer and receive funds, shop, save and grow your money with our built-in features.

Our tomorrow travels through our merchants and customers that keep us grounded and hungry for innovations to be able to give personalized, flexible, and secure digital connections that set the standard for what a payment system should be, whether local or global.

Why Choose Us


We provide end-to-end payments, data, and financial management in a single solution. We’re here to provide you with the right tools and technologies to help your business succeed.


Accept more payment methods globally and locally across different payment channels. We offer a wide selection of payment services to get more customers.


We will optimize your conversions without compromising protection with our in-house fraud experts and advanced fraud management technologies.


We enable your customers to pay wherever and however they prefer. Accept, process, and settle payments with only one provider.


We design and develop payment solutions to authenticate legitimate transactions better and reduce friction during checkout through seamless payment experiences.


We help our clients operate more effectively using real-time analytics monitoring and business intelligence features to track their operational KPIs across all your payment channels.


Connect easily with our 24/7 multilingual customer support and a dedicated relationship management team.


An innovative, secure, and global provider of payment processing solutions. Get more customers and grow sales by providing more payment options and a better payment solution.

Process Transactions

Integrate with an app or a website to process payment transactions with faster authorization and real-time posting. Rockheart’s advanced fraud detection engines help prevent fraudulent transactions.

Cross-border Payments

Access low-cost, fast payments in several currencies through our network of correspondent banking partners via the SWIFT network.

Payment Localization

Access multiple domestic markets through a single integration point so your customers worldwide can use locally-available payment methods.

Managing Payments

Manage and control the flow of payments of your clients so you can do what you want when you want. Through a single API, you can receive payments from your clients and payout to your partners. Use seamlessly embedded finance infrastructure in one place.






Transit Agencies and Airlines